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Water issues are the number one problem in a strata building. Unwelcome leaks caused by inadequate or non-existent waterproofing can cause extensive damage which needs to be fixed quickly.

Leak detection

An unwanted leak can cause long-term damage and major threats to structural integrity. Whether you are experiencing leakage in roof cavities, walls, facades or concrete slabs, this moisture has the potential to precipitate cracking and undermine the strength of foundations and structural supports.

Concrete cancer remediation

Concrete spalling is caused over time by moisture and this continual water penetration can cause concrete to chip, flake or delaminate. It occurs when the steel reinforcing within the concrete slab starts to rust and subsequently expand, which leads to the weakening of the concrete.

Window replacement

Faulty double glazing, inadequate flashing or poor waterproofing are just some of the causes of window and door damage. These issues can lead to unwanted leaks and cause operational problems when opening and closing.

Balcony repairs and balustrade replacement

Excessive water is one of the major causes of balcony damage. If left untreated, balconies tend to become weaker and can pose a great danger to neighbouring residents or surrounding structures above and below. It is important to address the issue quickly before timber floors and tiles begin to lift or the plasterboard develops mould and the paint starts to peel.

Roofing replacement

Replacement of roof tiling or metal sheet roofing, including installation of vapour barrier and insulation as required.